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2020 World Environment Day

Beautiful China   I am the man of action – Haiwang hydrocyclone

Blue sky, white cloud, green mountain, limpid water

Floating on green water by feathers in white, with red-webbed feet stirring in blue dye…….. What a wonderful and harmonious picture!

Fresh, that is the nature of air; clean, it is the texture of limpid water;

Green is the vitality of earth; blue is the skin color of sky;

Beautiful China, we are the actor!

Let’s act to protect our beautiful homeland!

Protect homeland, Haiwang is in action.

Haiwang coal washing and beneficiation equipment – improve the high-efficient utilizing level of the coal washing.

Coal washing process is the important measure of reducing the discharge of the polluted after the burning of fossil energy fuel.

The high-quality clean coal after the separation of coal washing process eliminates the impure gangue so as to improve the heating effect and reduce the discharge of S02 and dust particles etc. pollutant discharged while the burning, resulting in the decreasing of air polluting from the source.

The Haiwang equipment of being applied for coal washing and beneficiation field include: non-pressurized feeding three product dense medium cyclone, pressurized feeding three product dense medium cyclone, pressurized two product dense medium cyclone, coal dense medium cyclone, FBS fluidizing bed separator, LXA spiral separator, coal slime classification cyclone (cluster), multi-layer fine screen etc. So far, Haiwang has supplied coal cleaning and beneficiation equipment for over 1000 coal beneficiation plants all over the world.

Haiwang flue gas desulfurization cyclone – reduce the discharge of flue gas discharge of fire coal in power plant

In the electric-power industry, cyclone is the crucial equipment for the flue gas desulfurization, transforming trash into treasure and energy-saving environmental protection. Haiwang equipment is applied for power industry mainly in two aspects: one is the grinding classification cyclone of flue gas desulfurization and the other is the gypsum and waste water concentration cyclone in the desulfurization system and water circulation utilization circle. So far, we have provided over 600 power plants with the special high-efficient cyclone for the flue gas desulfurization.

The premier Xi Jinping said: “Environment is people’s livelihood, like beautiful green mountains and harmonious blue sky.”

Haiwang closely follows the environmental protection strategy of the government, take great efforts to develop the high-efficient environment-friendly products, strictly regulate the enterprise production procedure, continuously upgrade the internal environmental protection mechanism, committed to contribute for the environmental protection work by practical actions.

Beautiful China, we are in action!

The theme posters of World Environment Day (WED) on the 5th of June, 2020 – ecological environment department

“People live up to the ecology, similarly return from ecology to the people ”

“Ecology itself is the economy”

“Well-off is comprehensive or not, ecological environment quality is the key point”

“Chinese nation live long and prosper. Ecological environment must be assured”

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