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Considerations During Hydrocyclone Model Selection

Hydrocyclone Model Selection

Hydrocyclone is a indispensable device in mineral processing. Hydrocyclone is used for mineral classifying and separating. Compared with other classifying and separating equipment, hydrocyclone has better classifying and separating performance and it can separate ultrafine particles. So, it has gained popularity from users in mineral particles classifying and separating.

Mineral particles classifying performance of hydrocyclone have connections with various factors in designing, also have connections with properties of mineral itself. Hydrocyclone model selection should be based on mineral type, particle size, proportion, concentration and other factors. Only in this way, ideal classifying and separating performance would be achieved.

1. Hydrocyclone cylinder diameter

Hydrocyclone cylinder is the main space to process slurry and mineral particles. Cylinder diameter is the principal factor which determined classifying and separating capacity of hydrocyclone. Different diameter of hydrocyclone determines different partition size and output particle size. The smaller diameter hydrocyclone gets, the smaller partition size will be, the finer particles will be classified.

Besides above aspect, cylinder also have connections with hydrocyclone capacity. When diameter of hydrocyclone gets smaller, its capacity will also reduce. So, cylinder of hydrocyclone should be determined according to customers’requirement of classifying and mineral yield.

2. Hydrocyclone inlet and outlet volume of water

Hydrocyclone inlet and outlet water volume is codetermined by feed port, underflow spigot and overflow pipe. When inlet water volume gets greater, water flow velocity gets higher while mineral particles under greater centrifugal force, classifying performance gets better. When outlet water volume gets smaller, slurry stays a longer time inside the hydrocyclone, classifying work will be more sufficient.

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