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Haiwang Overseas Project – the Unique Processing Plant

Currently Haiwang products have been operated in more than 40 countries, not only bringing benefits and convenience to customers, but also contributing to the dissemination of Chinese mineral processing technology, especially the cyclone separation technology. Today let’s see one unique processing plant.

[One famous iron tailing recovery project in Australia]

The iron mine is located in Australia with annual output 60 million tons currently. This project is for treating tailing of the original processing plant, with an annual output of 5 million tons of concentrate, which has significant environmental and economic benefits for the iron mine mountain, and also contributes to the recovery technology development of hematite with fine particles and low-grade in this area.

The iron processing plant trust Made in China and Haiwang is its first choice for separation equipment. In the technical exchange with Haiwang experts in the early stage, Haiwang proposed to increase the cyclone desliming process, which will bring about 3% recovery rate to the factory and increase the benefit of about AUD 30 million per year. The company attaches great importance to this proposal. After obtaining the consent of the Australian Board of Directors, the cyclone desliming process is added and the budget is increased, thus having Haiwang participating in the most distinctive projects in the world: not only the process is unique, but also all the equipment and steel structure of the whole plant are pink! On the red desolate land of Pilbara, the unique processing plant stands there! The 7 sets of cyclone clusters provided by Haiwang are installed at the high position, showing the demeanor of manufactured by China, shared by world!

What is more proud is that after the trial operation of the project in November, 2019, the indicators were higher than the design indicators. Chinese technology and manufacturing were proved to be excellent again!
  It is well-known that Australian standards are strict. This iron mine tailing recovery project is only one of the Australian projects participated by Haiwang. Haiwang designs and manufactures each component in strict accordance with the Australian standards and each time we successfully pass the strict inspection of owners and third parties!

Of course, Haiwang products not only operate well in Australia, but also in Americas, Africa and so on. Besides Australian standards, Haiwang can also meet American standards, European standards and so on. Each standard means a huge market and each market will make Haiwang’s internationalization road more and more broad!

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