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How Could AI Improve the Existing Status of Mining Industry? The Development Orientation of Haiwang in the Future

While bonding the data with developing these two words, first view came in people’s mind maybe the extraction of value from the enterprise data by the IT and technicians. In fact, the data and intelligence can be burst out from the true “developing site “absolutely and the produced value is the down-to-earth global resource. In the mining field, AI artificial intelligence is expected to be acted as the forceful measure of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, improving environment and security issues, same as the machine study so as to help the mining enterprise keep the output of its value in the long term.

By virtue of acquiring, transportation and treatment method of management resource, AI technology is hopeful to mitigate the impact on the environment and promote the production efficiency significantly. The greatest difference between the AI supported equipment and functional equipment is the ability of former in the data analysis. AI supported equipment can analyze and resolve tremendous sensor data instantaneously, and set off the alarm even prepare the solution upon the occurring of problems.

Xinhua News Agency published report with title of “Ministry:  Cultivate one batch of suppliers for the industrial data solution in line with crucial industries” in recent days, on which there is guidance for the industrial mega data so as to accelerate the development of industrial mega data industry

The development of Haiwang in the next years cannot do without such kind of digital economy. In the future marketing development, the people of mastering mega data first and marching at the frontier of the times will undoubtedly control the development of whole industry. With the safer and more intelligent mining way and more environmental beneficiation measure, AI technology can realize more impressive resource output and higher economic benefit, thereupon prove its capability of affecting the world indeed.

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