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Incredible open-pit mines worldwide

1.The diamond mine at Mirny, Russia, is a huge, swirling cave that is one of the world’s largest open pit diamond mines.The entrance is 1,200 meters in diameter and 525 meters deep, which is equivalent to the height of a 161-floor building. Depth of the spiral hole has caused the earth’s internal magnetic field form a strong air flow with the air above ground surface. If a small and underweight plane flies over it, it can be sucked into the cave.

2.Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah is the largest and deepest open pit mines on earth, with depth of 1200 meters and width of 4000 meters, covering an area of 1900 acres (about 7.69 square kilometers). It mainly produces gold, silver, copper and molybdenum, which is mineral site with the highest mineral throughput in the world.

3.Australia Kalgoorlie Gold Mine is a huge “Super mine pit” with 800,000 ounces (22.67 tons) annual output of gold. Length of 3.5km, width of 1.5km and depth of 570m.  

4.Kimberlite diamond mine located in the cape province of South Africa, is said to be the largest hand-dug pit, with depth of 1097m, producing more than 3 tonnes of diamonds before it was closed in 1914.

5.Devik diamond mine located in Canada’s northwest territories, was first opened in 2003 and can produce 800 million carats, or the equivalent of 1.6 million kg diamonds per year. It is originally an open-pit mine and the underground production began in early 2010.By 2012, the Divik open-pit mine had ceased and become a fully underground mine currenlty.

6.Arkady diamond mine is the first outdoor and underground diamond mineral in Canada, which is located in northwest region and paralleled called as “brother mineral” with the nearby Diavik Diamond Mine. It is only 200 kilometers from the south of the Arctic Circle. The surrounding climate is cold, environment is extremely tough. For entering to the arkady mineral, it is necessary to pass through thrilling snowy road but the great benefit attracts people to work under such atrocious conditions. By the analysis, during that ten years (from1998 to 2009), miners have exploited 45 million carat (about 8000 kg) diamonds.

Beautiful Mining Scenery in Haiwang People’s Eyes

” Kalgoorlie super mining pit”
”Rotating peg-top”
“Motherland’s green water, lush mountains and gold mine”

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