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Influencing Factors of Hydrocyclone Working Capacity


Hydrocyclone classifying and separating utilized combined action of centrifugal force, gravity and pressure. When mixed solids contained liquid was feed into cylinder of hydrocyclone, under the pressure liquid flow formed rotary motion and generate centrifugal force to particles contained in the liquid, coordinate with gravity from particles themselves, particles separation can be achieved inside hydrocyclone.

Particles inside hydrocyclone would come under gravity, centrifugal force and pressure. Gravity and centrifugal force connect to particles mass. Therefore, the greater particles’ mass, the easier particles could be collect to cylinder wall edge and move to bottom of hydrocyclone under action of centrifugal force. On the contrary, particles with light mass will be collected in the center of water flow.

In hydrocyclone, centrifugal force of particles is related to rate of angular motion. The higher rate of angular motion gets, the greater particles centrifugal force will be, the better performance of separation will be.

Hydrocyclone is designed with the larger diameter, the smaller centrifugal force will be suffer by particles contained in mixed liquid. Under this condition, hydrocyclone capacity will increase, efficiency of classification will decrease. So, when select hydrocyclone model, we need to confirm hydrocyclone diameter according to requirement of separation processing level and yield.

Sizes of hydrocyclone overflow pipe and underflow spigot both of them are connected with discharge rate and processing time of mixed liquid inside hydrocyclone. The longer processing time mixed liquid get inside hydrocyclone, the better separation performance will be. So, customers with high level requirement of classifying should choose hydrocyclones with small size output flow.

Hydrocyclone processing capacity is also influenced by some other factors such as feed port pressure, feed port shape and feed port size and etc.. When hydrocyclone with high feed port pressure and high rate of flow, slurry or mixed liquid will get higher rotary speed inside cylinder and improve classifying efficiency.

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