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Mining World Russia 2017

2017 the 21th Russia international mining machinery exhibition will be held at 25th-27th April in Moscow CROCUS pavilion groups. Since the first Russia international mining machinery exhibition started in 1995, the annual exhibition has held successfully for 20 years. It has already become the major attendant event for the personages in Russia mining development and processing field.

Industry companies from all over the world will attend the Russia international mining machinery exhibition, the number of professional visitors can reach 20000. The exhibition will continue to add construction machinery project theme, also set pavilion of China, Norway, Canada and Germany specially. It will focus on the display of advanced technology and equipment, and provide an excellent opportunity for mineral developers to understand new technologies, equipment and services in the mining sector.

Compared with western countries, production and smelting of mineral company and mine owners in Russia is often limited by backward technical methods and management systems. Lack of investment in facilities and technological innovation has been a major obstacle to the rapid development of Russian mining industry. Therefore, the Russian market demand for high-performance mine equipment is very urgent. As China’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic classification equipment, Haiwang will focus on promoting efficient trump card products at the exhibition. We will output the Leading product technology, help Russian mining enterprises to solve production problems, and build partnerships with mineral company around the world.

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