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Today, we would like to share the moments for them!
Time: 2020-09-09 Font Size

The national honorary title was presented to "the People's Hero" for their outstanding contributions to the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.


People first, life first!

States will not forget, people will not forget and history will never forget your name and merit.

Today, we pay my respects to the anti-epidemic heroes!

Also greet to every one of fighting against the epidemic!

The numerous medical staff are the most beautiful angels, who are also the loveliest person in the new era!

Their names and achievements will be borne in mind by the country, the people and the history, which will be engraved on the monument of the Republic forever!

On Sep. 8th, 2020, President Xi Jinping presented medals to recipients of the Medal of the Republic and the national honorary title and also delivered an important speech at the meeting.