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Several Development Directions of Hydrocyclone

Directions of Hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is a device which used for classifying and separating slurry when apply to mineral wet separation adopt by mineral processing plants, heat-engine plants and other companies. Suitable designing and application of hydrocyclone would not only improve yield of mineral classifying and separating, but also contribute to get the maximum recovery of concentrate, lower the cost of production and losses of mineral.

1. Hydrocyclone develops to minitype

The diameter of hydrocyclone determines classifying and separating effect. Different diameter hydrocyclones with different partition size. The smaller diameter hydrocyclone get, the smaller partition size will be, the better classifying and separating effect will be.

The diameter of hydrocyclone also determines its capacity. Hydrocyclones with small diameter have low productivity. However, we could solve this problem in a very simple way. When we use hydrocyclone, we could meet customers’ yield requirement by paralleling hydrocyclone unites. Therefore, studies and reseaches of small types and minitypes hydrocyclone have been key points in many hydrocyclone manufacturing enterprise.

2. Hydrocyclone develops to fastness and light

Hydrocyclone with simple working principle and desining structure, there is few room for improvement to these two aspects. In recent years development, to increase strength and lower weight of hydrocyclone have been paid more attention. Consequently, reduce manufacturing costs and use-costs of hydrocyclone.

3. Hydrocyclone function development direction

In many years development of hydrocyclone, so far we have achieved liquid-liquid separating, solid-liquid separating. On this basis, hydrocyclone manufacturing enterprices research focused more on low concentration slurry classifying and separating. Up to now, hydrocyclone has been capable of separating ppm degree concentration slurry.

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