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Several Problems Need to be Concerned During Hydrocyclone Primary Selection

During Hydrocyclone Primary Selection

Hydrocyclone is a machanical equipment which is used for processing various kinds of solids contained slurry. It is used for classifying and separating solid particles or thickening and dewatering. The main parts of hydrocyclone included overflow elbow pipe, feed head, cylinder, taper pipe, underflow spigot, connecting flange, installing support, fixed support and etc.

Hydrocyclone model selection is quite a complex process which must refer to practical prodction condition for determining different parameters, then design specific product. Before confirming hydrocyclone model selection parameters i.e. hydrocyclone primary selection, we still have other problems need concern such as work efficiency, maintenance cost and etc..

1. Hydrocyclone feed inlet

Working power of hydrocycone comes from pump thrust and slurry gravity. Pump pumping slurry into cylinder from feed inlet, then slurry formed swirl. Hydrocyclone feed inlet designing work is extremely important. First-class hydrocyclone feed inlet can make slurry approximate laminar flow farthest to improve capacity of hydrocyclone and reduce energy consumption.

2. Hydrocyclone maintenance cost

Maintenance cost of hydrocyclone is the core problem during hydrocyclone primary selection. Although hydrocyclone with good processing capacity, high maintenance cost will also reduce its cost performance. Maintenance cost is mainly used for changing wearing parts including acquisition expenses and repair cost.

Slurry contains a large number of solid particles which could wear feed inlet, lining, overflow nozzle, underflow spigot quickly. During hydrocyclone primary selection, above parts should be known well and check if they have enough abrasive resistance and working life. Meanwhile, hydrocyclone structure should also be checked if it is reasonable and if it would be easy to change spare parts.

3. Spare Parts Service Level of Hydrocyclone Suppliers

Hydrocyclone is a device with heavy abrasion. No matter whether hydrocyclone model selection would succeed or not, it is inevitable to change damageable spare parts sometimes durding the actual operation, especially heavy abrasive spare parts such as feed inlet of hydrocyclone. Hydrocyclone supply with high level service and enough store of spare parts supply would reduce purchasing time cost and production loss.

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