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Some Experience about Hydrocyclone Installation and Operation

Hydrocyclone Installation and Operation

Hydrocyclone is a common classifying and separating equipment applied to electric power, metallurgy, coal and other industries. Although hydrocyclone installation and operation are simple, we still need to pay attention to some questions. Here we are going to share some experience of hydrocyclone installation and operating.

1. Hydrocyclone overflow product discharge position

Under normal install circumstance, hydrocyclone overflow product discharge position should be near above of hydrocyclone feed port. During installation, if overflow discharge position can not be confirmed for various of reasons, overflow product discharging pipe could be arranged below underflow spigot.

When overflow discharging pipes were arranged downward, a siphon could be arranged together with discharging pipes. Siphon will be used when underflow spigot discharges no slurry, in this way, separation won’t happen. Meanwhile, if there is a long enough exhaust pipe on top of overflow pipe, overflow pipe can only be installed under underflow spigot.

2. Hydrocyclone and slurry pump

Hydrocyclone need slurry pump to transfer slurry. Sluryy pump capacity should be a little higher than hydrocyclone capacity, this will help to prolong working life of slurry pump. Between slurry pump and hydrocyclone, we can install double acting valve for adjusting slurry quantity of flow and put overmuch slurry backflow into slurry tanks.
After using a long time, supporting slurry pump may have problems such as working efficiency drooped, output capacity reduced since maturing and abrasion. Then, we could adjust double acting valve to maintain work pressure of hydrocyclone.

3. Adjustment of hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone underflow spigot size can be adjusted during running time to ensure small size underflow spigot can not damage overflow vent. Hydrocyclone underflow spigot and feed pipe are both easy to be blocked. Install filter can solve blockinng problem effectively.

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