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The Design Philosophy of Hydrocyclone Distributor

Hydrocyclone Distributor

Hydrocyclone distributor is used for connecting hydrocyclone unites and distribute slurry to hydrocyclone unites. Combined with hydrocyclone unites, underflow tank and other parts, we get a hydrocyclone station and it could achieve classification and separation of large number of slurry. Hydrocyclone distributor could be applied to many industries such as coal, power, metallurgry and etc.

The main function of hydrocyclone distributor is distribute slurry for numbers of connected hydrocyclone unites. Hydrocyclone distributors can be divided into different types according to shape, structure such as radial distributor, coaxial distributor and symmetrical distributor. Certainly, no matter what kind of type, the design philosophies are existing as below。

1. The diameter of distributor feed pipe must be larger than diameter of slurry feed pipe. Meanwhile, when install slurry feed pipe, there must not be included angle between slurry feed pipe and distributor pipe to convey slurry smoothly.
2. Distribution pipes of distributor must be designed with straight pipe, and its lenghth should be over 9 times of its diameter.
3. During the actual operation of distributor, the inside slurry must form stable stratified flow to achieve better distribution effect.
4. There must be angle between distributor feed pipe and distribution pipes, the angle need to be more than 90°.
5. Distribution pipes must keep a certain lenghth and without any bend.
6. Stope valves usd for distributor must have large flow area.

The aim why distributor need to follow above philosophies is to guarantee distributor work better, distribute slurry to each hydrocyclone unites equally and maintain the slurry distribution content within a reasonable tolerance.

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