Who We Are

Who we are?

Haiwang Hydrocyclone Co., Ltd.

Haiwang is a leading supplier of hydrocyclone and services to the global coal preparation industry, mineral processing industry, FGD in power plant, fertilizer industry and so on.

Haiwang supplies everything from single hydrocyclone to tailings stacking process, minerals classifying processing and coal preparation facilities including services before, during and after the construction.

Haiwang specializes in world-class hydrocyclone, high frquency vibrating screent and systems. Haiwang invests heavily in developing new products and solutions to meet the important future energy and emissions challenges of our customers.

ever-increasing sales opportunities

The total value of haiwang’s products has increased at a speed of over 30%,in order to satisfy the ever-developmental business chance.

first market share in china

Basis on Chinese authorities investigation ,the hydrocyclone of haiwang has kept  the first market share since 2006.

exports to more than 60 countries

From 2008, Haiwang product started export sales, it have been exported to contain Europe, Asia, Africa, more than 60 countries and regions until now.

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