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How do we operate and maintain the sand recycling machine?
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In the production process of the sand recycling machine, only the correct operation and timely maintenance of the sand recycling machine can make the machine run well and reach the production state. When designing the dewatering sand recycling machine, full consideration is given to the comprehensive cooperation of the motor, slurry pump and cyclone separator, so that the equipment can improve production efficiency while working, and can also utilize energy efficiency and reduce equipment processes. The intermediate power consumption achieves the effect of energy-saving production. In addition, the semi-closed design of the sand recycling machine can not only make the fine sand recovery rate higher, but also reuse the material (water), saving costs and reducing resource waste. So how do we operate and maintain the sand recycling machine?


I will introduce you the following:


1. Before the sand recycling machine works, it must be inspected and preheated, and various machinery must have windproof measures.

2.The staff who set up the inlet and outlet of the sand recycling machine, clean up the debris on the sand recycling machine in time.

3. Always explain the operation of the sand recycling machine to the staff who operate the equipment, and put forward what should be paid attention to when the weather gradually gets colder or hotter, so that the machine can run anytime and anywhere.

4. The fine sand collection equipment used after each working day should be used to empty the memory water. The suspended sand recycling machine should be placed.

5. After the work is finished, the sand recycling machine and other mechanical equipment should be maintained in time, and the water in the hopper and cleaning tank should be completely drained.

6. When not working, a sand recycling machine should be placed safely to prevent potential safety hazards or accidents caused by strong winds and rainy weather.


The equipment adopts a semi-closed design. After the mortar is separated by the cyclone, the unrecovered sediment and waste water will be discharged from the overflow at the upper part of the cyclone. Flexible and reasonable waste discharge and multiple recycling, with a recycling rate of over 90%.


   Safe production can make the sand production line equipment reach working condition. Therefore, the operators should do a good job in the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment under the premise of protecting their own safety, so that the equipment can play a huge economic benefit.

Cyclone, sieve plate, motor pulley, mortar pump, apex, vibration motor.

The sand recycling machine manufacturing process, our company strictly produces and manufactures in accordance with the latest research and development of a new generation of sand recycling machine drawings, and strictly requires the use of accessories and raw materials, welding level, and complete machine testing to ensure that the shipped sand recycling machine is a qualified product .