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Thanksgiving in Spring

In the Spring Festival of 2020, facing the sudden outbreak of epidemic, our angels in white are armed for counter marching.

Appreciate every ordinary doctor and nurse, who tried their best to battle with the virus and stand guard for the people.

Thanksgiving in Summer

During summer time, Haiwang people splash their sweat on the field by going all over the motherland, all the seas and lakes and desert wasteland-everywhere – provide service to you as always!

Thanks for Haiwang People

Thanksgiving in Autumn

Autumn is a harvest season for Haiwang, which is a peak shipment period.

In order to deliver products with good quality to clients on time, all Haiwang employees work together and overtime, fight on the front line.

Thanks our employees for working hard!

Thanksgiving in Winter

Thanks our customers for trusting and supporting Haiwang. We will always be here for you!

Even winter is coming, there is still a ray of warmth.

 Thanks for your company!