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Good news! Haiwang Wins “The Best Service Provider in China Gold Industry” Title Again
Time: 2020-11-30 Font Size

 On November 25, 2020, China Gold Industry Supply Chain Management Forum was held in Hangzhou. Haiwang won the "The best service provider in China's gold industry " title again.

The forum published the "list of excellent service providers in China's gold industry of 2020 "and the online service platform of excellent service providers in China's gold industry. The licensing ceremony was held for the evaluated best service provider and excellent service provider.

"The recommendation investigation activity for the excellent service provider of China gold industry in 2020" is sponsored by China Gold Economic Development Research Center and China Gold newspaper, China Gold Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd., Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd. and other national 13 key gold groups as support units. The expert committee members of the survey activities mainly come from 13 key gold group companies, Beijing Gold Economic Development Research Center and China Gold newspaper. The expert committee reviews the star level of each participating enterprise, and the highest award is the best service provider (five stars). The evaluation basis includes comprehensive strength, reputation, cost-performance, quality, progress, cooperation and harmony, social responsibility, self-discipline and other sub-items. The source of the review data is the recommendation form of 13 key gold group companies in China, the registration information submitted by enterprises, the past cooperation situation, industry reputation and so on.