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Correct use of sand recycling machine
Time: 2020-08-27 Font Size

With the development of society, natural sand is gradually decreasing, so how to produce high-quality machine-made sand is the key to the sand making industry. The fine sand recycling machine can effectively solve the problem of fine sand recycling, so that the fine sand will not be wasted, and the fine sand will be operated correctly. The recycling machine can also greatly increase the recycling efficiency and increase the service life. Therefore, after the installation and commissioning of the fine sand recycling machine, it is recommended to conduct professional training for the operator, and the fine sand recycling machine consumes more power when it starts, so two points should be noted :

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First, do not feed in materials when starting up, and can feed in materials after a few laps, which is more reasonable and can reduce the burden on the equipment;


Second, the overall power must be considered when configuring the transformer, and some more voltage must be configured to ensure that the equipment can work normally without low-voltage operation.


       Also pay attention to the cyclone of the fine sand recovery machine. If the sealing cover on the cyclone is blocked in some places, it will also cause a relatively large resistance to idling. Therefore, it is very important to immediately clean the blocked materials on the sealing cover.