Wear Resistant Polyurethane Product
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Patented Technology
Wear-resistant polyurethane mold is formed as a whole, with accurate size and shape, smooth surface, good pressure resistance, light mass and convenient disassembly and assembly. Low temperature prepolymerization and high temperature extraction process are used, with stable performance, which can realize the personalized design of product formula and has good adaptability and economic efficiency. The main products include polyurethane wear-resistant pipeline, wear-resistant polyurethane screen plate, wear-resistant polyurethane screen mesh, etc. The product standardization is high with a wide range of industrial applications.

       Through nearly 30 years of continuous research, combined with the characteristics of mines, chemical industry and other industries, Haiwang has successfully developed the world's advanced level of polyurethane step-by-step synthesis process, so that the arrangement and hybrid cross-linking of macromolecular main chains in polyurethane elastomers can be adjusted and controllable, and the personalized design of product formulations can be realized according to different operating conditions. 

       With low temperature prepolymerization and high temperature extraction process, personalized design of products can be realized according to different use environment. The product strength, elongation, elasticity, wear resistance and other performance indicators have reached the international advanced level; at the same time, it has good adaptability and economic efficiency. The product molding can be processed with pressurized vulcanization, atmospheric vulcanization, thermal vulcanization, room temperature curing, manual casting or casting machine continuous casting molding.


• It is resistant to sliding wearing and impact wearing. The polyurethane internal structure of macromolecular chain makes the pipeline liner rigid and soft, with good wear resistance and long service life. Its wear resistance is 3 ~ 5 times of steel screen plate. 

• Polyurethane is corrosion resistant, non-flammable, non-toxic and tasteless and not easy to damage; it has long service life and small maintenance workload, which can reduce the maintenance workload and production & maintenance loss, thus the total cost is low. 

• The surface is bright and lubricated, the friction coefficient is low and the operation resistance is small, thus the energy consumption of material transportation is greatly reduced, and the scaling can be prevented in long-term operation; 

• With excellent aging resistance, oil resistance and drug resistance performance, the lined polyurethane elastomer is a kind of strong polar polymer material, which has better resistance to some non-polar oils and other weak polar chemicals. 


       It can be used to make cyclone, pipeline, screen plate, screen mesh, rubber roller, elastic coupling, buffer spring and other products. It is widely used in the transportation of seriously wearing and corrosive slurry, de-watering and concentration classification of water-containing materials in mines, coal, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries at home and abroad. 


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