Wear Resistant High Alumina Ceramic
Product Overview
Patented Technology
The high-aluminum ceramic wear-resistant materials developed and produced by Haiwang contains aluminum oxide content of more than 95%; of which the hardness and strength are higher than ordinary ceramics. The smooth surface is not easy to scale, with features of high temperature and heat shock resistance. It is widely used in cyclone spigot, wear-resistant launder, pipeline and equipment liner.

Haiwang wear-resistant alumina ceramics is produced by patented firing technology, with imported Martin alumina powder as raw material and intelligent temperature control system. It has high alumina content, integrated molding, smooth surface, high hardness, strong wear resistance and high rupture strength.


• High alumina content, strong hardness, smooth surface; 

• Good abrasion resistance. The wear resistant ceramics have high wear resistance to abrasive materials and medium transported by metallurgy, power, mine, coal and other industries. The service life is generally 10 times more than that of quenched steel; 

• Corrosion resistance, not easy to scale. The surface of wear-resistant ceramics is smooth, acid and alkali resistant, seawater corrosion resistant and not easy to scale; 

• Good heat resistance and heat shock resistance. 


• Wear resistant liner of cyclone; 

• Wear-resistant liner of cyclone overflow launder and underflow launder; 

• Repairing on the damaged parts of cyclone; 

• Wear resistant liner for pipes, chutes and funnels, etc. 


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