KM Wear Resistant Composite Material Product
Product Overview
Patented Technology
The KM composite developed and produced by Haiwang Company not only has good heat resistance, wear resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, but also has excellent wear resistance.

KM composite is a multi-component wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant composite composed of natural wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant solid particles, toughening resin and modified curing agent. It is widely used as the liner of pipelines conveying large particle material and corrosive slurry.


• It has good heat resistance, and the service temperature range is -25 ~ 150℃; 

• It has excellent wear resistance; 

• It has alkali resistance, salt resistance, oil resistance and acid resistance. 


• It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mine, coal, chemical industry and other industries as the liner of pipelines conveying grinding, abrasive particles and corrosive slurry & medium. 

• It is widely used for the wear-resistant surface of machined parts required wear resistance and corrosion resistant and repair of various heavy-load medium wearing parts; it is especially suitable for the fabrication of pipe liner, elbow liner, tee joint liner, funnel liner and spiral chute liner, etc. 


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