Wastewater Treatment System
Product Overview
Patented Technology
With the implementation of zero discharge on power plant wastewater, the traditional triple tank process is difficult to meet the requirements. Under this kind of situation, Haiwang independently developed an integrated wastewater treatment system, using a customized chemical agent system and automatic control system, which has large capacity, strong material adaptability, clear discharging water and simple operation.

Aiming at the problems of more and more power plants, such as low efficiency of the original wastewater treatment system, poor wastewater treatment effect, many kinds of additives and complicated technological process, an integrated treatment system for desulfurization wastewater of power plants is developed. The system can completely replace the old triple box and clarifier in the power plant, which adopts advanced automatic control system to reduce the difficulty and complexity of the system operation.


• The equipment in the system has a high degree of integration and a small area occupation; 

• Customized special agents are used for different water quality conditions of each power plant; 

• Only need to put one reagent in the mixed reactor, which replaces the original five reagent preparation and dispensing device, reducing the difficulty of operation and lowering the operating costs; 

• Adopt advanced automatic control system to reduce the difficulty of manual operation. 


It is applied in the zero discharge of power plant wastewater, zero discharge of wastewater system pre-treatment process.


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