Spiral Chute
Product Overview
Patented Technology
The LXA spiral chute independently developed and produced by Haiwang company independently adopts the framework of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is of light weight, high intensity and corrosion resistance. It has the patented device of tailing pre-throwing with high separation accuracy. The flow passing parts are casted and painted by the hard wearing PU or polyuria with high strength and the service life of whole machine is over ten years.

Haiwang LXA spiral chute is the separation equipment of dividing concentrate and tailing in accordance with the difference of density and particle size. When the slurry flows to spiral chute, the combined effection of gravity, centrifugal force,friction and water flow pressure forced by the light and heavy particles inside of spiral chute is different, the material with different particle size and density moves under different tracks inside of the spiral chute. Finally, concentrate of big density and big particle size gets discharged from the inside edge of spiral chute. The tailing of small density and small particle size gets discharged from the spiral chute. The spiral chute is the common equipment for the classification and separation of fine particled minerals in the beneficiation factory.


• Spiral coil is integrated fabricated by the imported raw material, and the framework is made by glass fiber reinforced plastics, of light weight, high intensity, corrosion resistance, less occupation area, simple operation and low operation cost;

• With the patented tailing pre-throwing device, sharply improved the separation accuracy of spiral chute.

• Slurry distributor adopts the advanced design of parallel laryngeal respiratory pipe so as to guarantee the stability of slurry passing volume and flow rate;

• The transverse section of spiral chute adopts the special composite curve shape and advanced design, which can improve the working efficiency to the maximum degree;

• Whole machine adopts the modular design and feasible assembly and disassembly, which can add or delete certain parts according to customer requirements.

• Flow passing parts are all casted and painted by hard wearing PU or polyuria and of high strength, wearing resistance with the whole machine service life of over 10 years.


Widely applied in the process of tungsten, tin, gold, platinum, iron and some rare metal ores, especially in the application of low grade sand ore.


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