Fluidizing Bed Separator
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Patented Technology
FBS fluidized bed separator is a kind of interference settling separation equipment which takes use of upwelling to produce turbulent flow in the separator. It has the characteristics of large capacity, low operating cost, high separation accuracy and ability of realizing the automatic control and regulation of coarse coal slime separation process.

      FBS® fluidizing bed separator (Fluidizing Bed Separator) is a new type of separation equipment developed by Weihai Haiwang Cyclone Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which, combines fluidization technology and gravity interference sedimentation separation technology in turbulent flow field for the first time. It can realize the high-effeicient separation or purification of coarse slime, mining sands and pyrites etc fine particle materials. It is identified by Shandong Province scientific and technological achievements that it has reached the domestic leading technical level, which is listed as Shandong province major energy-saving technology industrialization project successively and national torque planning project, entitled with two national practical patents and one Shandong province science and technology progress prize.


• FBS Fluidizing bed separator is the patent product of Haiwang, which is equipped with patented new-type apex discharge valve;

• Take KOSO second-generation electro-hydraulic actuator with higher positioning accuracy and oil level warning function of higher reliability, protection grade of IP65, high security coefficient and the power is only 150w.

• With E+H high accuracy density sensor with the sensor protection grade IP68 and high security coefficient; bed layer density can be as accurate as 0.001g/cm3 so as to realized the density control of high accuracy.

• SIEMENS PLC programmable controller: indicator calculation speed reaches 0.22μs, which can help the collection, analysis and execution of signal more convenient so as to guarantee the high accuracy separation of system

• Low water supplementary: the water supplementary in unit area for the separator is only 10-15 m3/m2•h.

• The intelligent expert control system: with the intelligent expert control system, it can realize the automatic control and adjustment of FBS coarse coal slime separator during the production process; equipment with the remote monitoring function of APP in the mobile phone so as to help the site manager for the actually mastering and monitoring of the production situation and operation parameter of FBS coarse coal slime separator. 

• The patented structured underflow valve: underflow valve keeps move perpendicular straightly inside of valve base and doesn’t shake from left to right; abrasion resistant stainless material, service life of over 6 months; maximum passing partice size of 6mm, underflow valve is not easily clogged and the sealing function is quite good while the closing.


• Separation process of coarse coal slime (0.2-3mm)

• Mining sands classification;

• Pyrites removal from slack coal;

• Remove lignite/ sapropelic coal from the sands;

• Remove impurities with high S.G. from the sands;

• Separation of minerals with fine particles such as tin, lead, zinc, titanium etc.


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