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LXA series of spiral separator from Haiwang Company is fabricated by taking glass fiber reinforced plastic as frame with reverse superposition processing. Its surface is sprayed with polyurethane wear-resistant coating with pre-throwing tail setting, which has feature of high strength, high separation accuracy of abrasion resistance and whole machine service life of over ten years; modular design, convenient installation, simple operation and low operation cost.

The screw separator for coal is a coal preparation equipment which separates clean coal and gangue according to the different material density. After the coarse coal slime enters to the spiral separator, the materials with different particle size and densities have various moving tracks inside of spiral chute due to the force of gravity, centrifugal force, friction and waterflow pressure and then the gangue gets discharged from the internal edge of spiral chute and the clean coal gets discharged from the external edge of spiral chute.

The LXA series spiral separator from Haiwang Company is fabricated by taking glass fiber reinforced plastic as frame with reverse superposition processing, whose surface is spraied with PU abrasion resistant coating with the character of high strength, hard wearing and long service life. So far, it has been widely applied in coal beneficiation plants in Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia etc regions.


• Whole spiral is fabricated by imported raw material, taking glass fiber reinforced plastic as frame, which is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, small occupation area, simple operation and low operation cost;

• With the patented pre-throwing tail setting, which can increase the separation accuracy of spiral chute significantly. 

• Slurry distributor is designed with parallel respiration tube so as to guarantee the passing volume of slurry and stable flow rate;

• The cross section of spiral takes special composite curve shape and advanced design, which can improve the separation efficiency to the great extent.

• The whole machine is of modular design, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly. Some parts can also be added or deleted according to requirement of customers.

• Flow passing parts are all sprayed with hard wearing PU or polyuria, which is of high strength, abrasion resistance and over ten years service life.


• Separation and recovery of coarse coal slime of 2-0.15mm for the steam coal beneficiation factory or anthracite coal beneficiation plant;

• Gangue discharge process of coarse coal slime in the coking coal beneficiation plant;

• Ash reduction and desulphrization process of oxide high-sulphur coal spiral separator;

• Separation and recovery process of coarse coal slime undersize of jigging screen.


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