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The 2023 China Mineral Processing Conference was held in Beijing! Haiwang company boosts the development of cutting-edge technologies for green mineral processing
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The 2023 China Mineral Processing Conference was held in Beijing! Haiwang company boosts the development of cutting-edge technologies for green mineral processing

From April 21st to 23rd, the "2023 China Mineral Processing Conference (CMPC)" was grandly held at the Beijing International Convention Center. More than 1,500 representatives from academicians, experts, and scholars from universities, scientific research institutes, and well-known mining companies across the country participated. Neptunus was invited to attend and make a keynote speech at the branch venue.


The theme of this conference is: green, intelligent, sharing and innovation. Committed to exploring the green and intelligent development of mineral processing science and technology under the new situation, and promoting technological innovation in the field of mineral processing. The topics of the conference cover basic and applied research in technical fields such as mineral processing theory and technology, mineral processing equipment and intelligence, mining and metallurgy environmental protection, urban mines, process mineralogy and analysis and detection, and mineral materials.


Haiwang company, as a leading brand enterprise of cyclone separation equipment in China, was led by chairman Sun Jipeng and general manager Wang Shuli to lead the company's technical backbone and various business departments to participate in the meeting. The purpose is to fully demonstrate the brand concept of "making separation more efficient", create more communication opportunities with friends in the industry, share the innovative achievements of Neptune's development, and promote the technological progress, prosperity and development of the domestic mineral processing industry.

At the meeting site, Neptune's leadership team had in-depth exchanges with many experts and peers, and introduced to them our company's leading products that are at the forefront of mineral processing technology. The exhibition has achieved remarkable results.


On the 23rd, Cui Xueqi, chief engineer of Haiwang company, gave a keynote speech report on "Case Analysis of Density Field Gradient Enhanced Dense Medium Cyclone in Coal Preparation Plant Technical Transformation and Efficiency Improvement" at the seventh branch of mineral processing equipment and intelligence.


On the 23rd, Wang Lei, Dean of the Haiwang company Research Institute, gave a keynote speech report on "New Technology and Application of Cyclone Separation with High Efficiency and Low Consumption" in the first sub-venue of crushing, grinding and classification.


This conference thoroughly implements the "14th Five-Year" plan. Top experts and professors in the industry gather together to discuss and exchange cutting-edge issues in my country's mineral processing basics and applied research, put forward development suggestions and key research directions, and promote China's mineral processing. Independent innovation of processing science and technology.

Over the past 30 years, Haiwang company has developed, transformed and promoted a series of innovative achievements with independent intellectual property rights, industry-leading technology and broad market application prospects in cyclone separation technology, equipment manufacturing and marketing promotion, and has been popularized and applied in the mining and metallurgy industry Afterwards, it has a significant effect of saving energy, reducing consumption, and improving resource utilization. The overall technical level and main technical and economic indicators have reached the advanced level of similar international technologies and products, which has made a certain contribution to promoting the improvement of the technical level of the entire industry. And mining users have created significant economic, social and environmental benefits.