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Vigorous and Energetic New Journey · Uniting Hearts and Showcasing Team Spirit — The Victory of the Haiwang Company's Autumn Employee Sports Meet in 2023
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Vigorous and Energetic New Journey · Uniting Hearts and Showcasing Team Spirit — The Victory of the Haiwang Company's Autumn Employee Sports Meet in 2023

"In the sea of civilization surges, we hoist the sail of the Asian Games together. In order to further promote the spirit of the Asian Games, stimulate the vigorous development of national fitness activities, and unite the strength of the workers, on October 6th, Haiwang Company held the 2023 Autumn Employee Sports Meet at the Yangting School Sports Stadium in Weihai City. Company senior executives and more than 1,000 employee representatives gathered together to make the event a great success."

"At 7:30 AM, the opening ceremony of the sports meet officially began. The flag escort team, marching with resounding steps, solemnly entered with the national flag and the company flag."

Accompanied by uplifting music, 16 delegations, composed of representatives from the Research Institute, production workshops, various business units, and functional departments, marched into the stadium with high spirits and a confident posture. The employees wore matching uniforms, showcasing the vitality and charm of Haiwang employees with their enthusiastic and positive demeanor.

Haiwang Company's Chairman, Sun Jipeng, delivered the opening speech.

Firstly, Mr. Sun extended warm congratulations on the successful organization of this sports meet. He also conveyed his heartfelt greetings to all Haiwang employees and their families, along with sincere appreciation and best wishes to the school units that have provided strong support for the event. This sports meet is being held in the context of the company's comprehensive optimization of its structure and unprecedented release of development vitality. It serves as a significant platform to showcase Haiwang people's unwavering spirit of self-improvement and unity in the face of challenges.

Mr. Sun expressed his hope that all employees will channel the spirit of never giving up and striving for excellence into a powerful force for overcoming difficulties and fostering innovation in their work. This will contribute to the company's mission of green and intelligent separation, making separation more efficient, and further support the sustainable development of the industry. Additionally, he looked forward to celebrating the company's 35th anniversary with even more vitality and outstanding achievements."

Referee representative Liu Bao and athlete representative Lian Yele took the oath.

"The sports meet kicked off in an atmosphere of joy and excitement! This edition of the sports meet featured a combination of fun and traditional events, with a total of 18 events, including track and field, shot put, basketball, and tug-of-war, involving a total of 351 employee participants."

With the sound of the starting gun, the 100-meter sprinters burst out of the starting line like arrows, racing each other and displaying astonishing speed and power. The 5000-meter long-distance run, on the other hand, was a test of endurance and perseverance. With unwavering determination, the athletes continuously challenged themselves and set new personal bests. In the 4x100-meter relay, team members worked closely together, with each sprint and each handoff representing the trust and synergy among the team members

Go, go... Amidst the continuous cheers, the Mining Division and the Electric Power Environmental Protection Division teams are competing in the thrilling tug-of-war contest. This is a test of teamwork, a battle of spirit and mentality. One rope, one heart, they grit their teeth and give it their all; a group of people, one determination, their spirits high, vying for first place

"Amidst the intense competition, on the basketball court far from the hustle and bustle of the city, all the vitality soars with every shout, and all the strength coalesces within those cheers."

After the traditional events concluded, the enthusiasm on the field continued to run high. In games like the 'Unbeatable Wheel,' 'Crossing the River by Feeling Stones,' and 'Passing the Paper Cup,' everyone was full of energy. Cheers and laughter echoed continuously, and every employee had a radiant smile on their face. We not only witnessed the exciting pursuit of competition and excellence by the employees but also saw the sunshine and magnanimity beyond their hard work."

At the award ceremony, the company's senior executives presented awards to the winning athletes and teams in various events to recognize their outstanding performance during the sports meet.

"This edition of the sports meet is a sports event that comprehensively promotes nationwide fitness activities within the company. It has effectively promoted the construction of the company's corporate culture, ignited enthusiasm for hard work and striving for excellence, and united the formidable force of solidarity and endeavor."