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Embarking on a New Journey, Safety Accompanies Our Way - Haiwang Company Holds the 2024 "First Lesson for Starting Work" Special Conference.
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To ensure a smooth and orderly resumption of work and production after the holiday, and to further strengthen the safety and lean awareness of all employees, Haiwang Company held the 2024 "First Lesson for Starting Work" special conference on February 18. At the conference, the company also released and promoted its corporate culture manual. Representatives of the leadership and cadres joined hands with over a thousand employees to gather together, jointly building a new year's safety production defense line, and kicking off the journey of struggle for the new year.

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During the meeting, the HSE management department, in light of the current production situation, delivered a vivid and profound safety education session by thoroughly analyzing past safety incidents during the Spring Festival return-to-work period. All departments must closely cooperate to establish a strong chain of responsibility, decisively eliminating safety incidents caused by complacency, lax discipline, and inadequate management. Simultaneously, all employees must deeply understand the significance of the "first lesson upon resuming work," firmly establish the concept of "safety first, prevention foremost," and ensure the safety and control of all aspects including personnel, machinery, materials, methods, and environment.

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The Quality Management Department conducted an in-depth analysis of quality problems that occurred in the past and proposed practical corrective and preventive measures. Quality is the lifeline of a company and the key to winning the trust of the market and customers. To this end, the person in charge solemnly promised to comprehensively improve quality management levels and strictly control product quality to ensure that every product shipped meets or even exceeds customer expectations.The Lean Promotion Office closely integrates the concept of lean management and explains how to create value and continuous improvement in the lean management process. The person in charge emphasized that lean management is not only a method, but also a way of thinking, which requires the active participation of all employees, starting with details, eliminating waste and creating value. This provides a clear direction and method for Neptune Company to further promote lean management and enhance market competitiveness.

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We are taking action for safe production.After the meeting, each team took quick action and organized and carried out a variety of "first lessons" activities on their own to familiarize themselves with job safety responsibilities and operating procedures, carry out job safety self-examination and self-correction, and ensure that every link meets the requirements for safe production. At the same time, each team also further enhanced the safety awareness and responsibility awareness of all employees through education and mobilization activities, laying a solid foundation for quickly entering work and preventing various safety accidents.

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