Two Product Dense Medium Cyclone
Product Overview
Patented Technology
Haiwang FZJ series pressurized two product dense medium cyclone has simple structure, easy operation, high passing capacity, high separation efficiency, long abrasion resistant service life and low energy consumption etc. features. So far the biggest specification is FZJ1600 with the capacity of over 800t/h.

Haiwang FZJ series pressurized two product dense medium cyclone has simple structure, easy operation, high passing capacity, high capicty of dry coal, high separation efficiency, multi-angle configuration, imported high aluminum ceramic, long abrasion resistant service life, small feeding pressure and low energy consumption etc. features. So far, the biggest size of this series cyclone is FZJ1600, which has been successively applied on the site already. The two product dense medium cyclone is consisted by the column and cone structure. The materials get fed into the cyclone through the pump after the mixing of mixing barrel and qualified suspension and then the primary coal gets divided into two products: the light product and heavy product by the centrifugal force on the basis of density. The light product is discharged from the concentrated coal pipe by the internal swireling flow and the heavy product is discharged from the gangue port by the external swireling flow.


• During the practical application of the developed dense medium cyclone with super big diameter (FZJ1400~1600), the capacity of dry coal is improved over 20% comparing with the original theoretic value, which can satisfy the technical requirement of 1000t/h maximumly.

• Adopt the patented structural design (centrifugal vortex and spiral feeding chamber), customize the structural parameter in line with the coal property, process and indicator parameter so as to meet the site production requirement, resulting in the best effect (EP≤0.05kg/l, separation efficiency≥98%);

• Adopt the high aluminum ceramic liner. This kind of special ceramic is sintered under the mould with the pressure and high temperature and each piece of ceramic can match the typical requirement of cyclone arc shape; The alumina content of special high aluminum ceramic can reach over 95% with the typical even alumina particle structure and favorable sintering character so as to improve the abrasion resistance performance;

• The technology of “Big diameter dense medium cyclone” has reached internationally advanced level upon the authentication of experts assigned by Shandong Province.


      Usually it’s applied in the separation of primary coal with relatively low middling coal content and the reseparation of jigging primary separation + jigging middling coal dense medium cyclone as well as the separation of mixed final coal at the classification for washing etc. processes.


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