Abrasion resistant rubber products
Product Overview
Patented Technology
HELICON mixing rubber adopts international advanced process formula and the world’s top wet mixing technology, extracting from the imported high-quality raw rubber raw materials and processing. This product combines the features of excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance and elasticity, so that it has excellent wear resistance in the worst wearing conditions.

There are many kinds of Haiwang wear-resistant rubber products, mainly including wear-resistant rubber plate, screen plate, rubber ceramic composite plate, rubber pipeline, rubber spring and transport belt, etc., involving various fields of rubber application. Based on HELICON mixed rubber and different production processes, it can be made into single rubber products, such as rubber strip, rubber plate, rubber spring, etc., and can also be produced into rubber roll, rubber screen plate, rubber ceramic composite plate in combination with rigid materials such as steel plate, steel tube, ceramic sheet, etc.

The rubber products are mainly depends on the features of high elasticity and wear resistance of rubber. Rubber has small elastic modulus, large elastic deformation, and high wear resistance; it can also absorb the impact force and friction force, with stable performance, long service life, low cost, and good cold resistance, airtightness, waterproofness and electrical insulation, which is the best choice for wear resistance and vibration reduction.


• Rubber is chemically stable, the product is integrated with vulcanization molding, with excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and tear resistance, maintaining the best performance in the environment with temperature of 20 ~ 140℃. 

• It has strong elasticity and flexibility, can effectively absorb impact force, and has excellent impact and wear resistance. 

• It has strong absorbing power and high internal resistance, and has good absorbing effect on energy and noise produced by sudden impact or high frequency vibration, and can also reduce the generation of dust. 

• The working performance is stable, the elastic modulus of rubber is relatively small, and it has stability at higher compression ratio, reaching the ideal working state; 

• It has excellent vibration isolation performance, and the variable stiffness of rubber can make it have almost constant natural frequency when the load changes; 

• Specific gravity of rubber is small, which is convenient for the transportation, installation and disassembly process; and there is no need for lubrication, which allows convenient and quick maintenance. 


• Rubber sheet products can be widely used in places with high pressure, seismic and wear resistance requirements. It is suitable for laying various floors, launder liners, workbenches, etc. At the same time, it can be punched into some buffer parts such as gaskets, washers and sealing rings, etc. 

• Steel pipe with rubber liner can be used to transport abrasive slurry in mining, coal, metallurgy, environmental protection, construction, petroleum and other industries. 

• Rubber screen plate products can be applied into the heavy screening equipment of mine dressing, metallurgy, coking, building materials, coal preparation and other industries. 


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