Crude Oil and Finished Oil Desander Cyclone
Product Overview
Patented Technology
There are gravels and impurities in the crude oil and finished oil, which leads to equipment clogging, wearing of transportation piping and pump etc. problems so it is necessary for sands removal and impurity removal treatment; Haiwang HW high efficiency crude oil de-sander cyclone can handle with the sands removal from crude oil with different qualities. CSX cyclone filter can effectively remove the solid impurities from the finished oil.

Haiwang HW series crude oil desander is high efficiency solid and liquid separation cyclone, which is mainly used in sands removal from crude oil with reasonable structural design, high separation accuracy, high efficiency of solid and liquid separation, big capacity, small occupation area and low energy consumption etc. advantages. Adopt the two grading process of HW series cyclone in series to remove sands from crude oil and wash sands, which can realize the sands removal from the crude oil, solve the piping corrosion due to the crude oil with high content of sands, clogging of crude oil dewatering equipment etc. problems.

The patented structure cyclone filter developed by Haiwang combines the centrifugal separation technology and gravity sedimentation technology to realize two times concentration and two times slagging removal with high concentration discharge and high impurity removal capacity so as to effectively lengthen the service life of fine filter cartridge. Basing on the sensitive sensor and advanced program calculation, new generation swirl filter can realize the automatic adjustment of internal cyclone quantity in operation, automatic control of pollution discharge and automatic inspection of pressure drop etc. functions so as to realize the unattended operation of equipment and lower labor strength.


• Adopt multiple cone structure to realize the fine particles classification through big diameter cyclone.

• Series design, wide controllable range of the cut size, single set capacity range 30-450m³/h;

• Swirl filter adopts automatic control with simple operation;

• Various abrasion resistance material, so polyurethane, KM and ceramic etc. various kinds of abrasion resistance materials are used.


      The desander cyclone of crude oil and finished oil is mainly used for drilling mud purification, sands removal and desilting from crude oil and oil sewage, impurities removal from finished oil and oily silt treatment etc. industries.


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