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Haiwang linear vibration screen can be divided as ZKJ series, ZKX series and ZKF series, which is applied for high-efficiency screening of slurry, slurry de-watering, tailing dry stacking and mud purification etc. workings with advantages such as good de-watering performance and long service life etc. Tailored configuration can be applied in the sands washing system in accordance with fine sands recovery, coarse sands de-watering and mulling de-watering etc. different working conditions and various capacities.

       Haiwang linear vibration screen can be divided into ZKJ series, ZKX series and ZKF series by the different exciting vibration types. The inclined angle of screen main body can be different due to different screening requirement. The upward designed screen area angle forms slurry pump at the feeding end and its static pressure water source assists the liquid slurry for passing through screens with big capacity; Adopt double motor synchronous vibrator. The vibration motor follows the linear vibration tracks through the synchronous and adverse rotation so as to push the oversize products (coarse particles) for transportation, de-watering and discharge; Be supported by shock absorption steel spring with low noise, low energy consumption and small equipment dynamic load; Adopt abrasion resistant polyurethane screen mesh with screen panel of high open porosity, good de-watering performance and long service life.

ZKX Series Linear Vibration Screen

• Adopt four sets of vibration exciting vibrators and the transmission motor does not take part in vibration. Motor and exciting vibrator gets connected flexibly;

• Screen box uses motor to drive the vibrator through the tyre coupling with advanced structure, high vibration frequency, convenient maintenance, and sturdiness and durability etc. advantages.

• Screen panel is made by flexible hard wearing polyurethane material, modular assembly, partial replacement for partial wearing and low spare parts cost;

• Bearing is the special bearing for vibration equipment so as to avoid the early damage due to heating of bearing.

• Steel is of superior manganese steel, and beam integrity is designed with profile structure with completely de-stress treatment;

• The bottom beam integrity is designed with profile structure and surface is protected with hard wearing rubber;

• The side plate and protection plate are fabricated by numerical control machine, joint with high strength Huck bolt, seamless welding;

• The high frequency vibration and inclined screen area design helps the oversize products be discharged continuously with big capacity in unit area.


       Haiwang ZKJ series, ZKX series and ZKF series linear vibration dew-atering screen is mainly applied in the de-watering, de-sliming, sands removal and washing of metal mining, non-metal mining, coal slime, quartz sands and mud slurry etc. workings.


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