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How to get sands “Live in the silt but not unsoiled”? Haiwang elaborate sands washing equipment can do you a favor!
Time: 2022-05-20 Font Size

As the higher and higher requirement on resource utilization, the source of sands washing material becomes more and more complicated. Peel off soil, weathering material, mechanism stone powder and beach sand, all are desired to be washed as choicest sands. But due to various breakdown of mud in the raw material, how to realize refined washing sands?


Haiwang customizes the sands washing process for you and choose targeted sands washing equipment and the configured fine sands recovery cyclone structure so as to guarantee your clean sands “out of mud”.

With the integrated machine, consisted by Haiwang high efficiency wheel bucket sands washing machine+ Haiwang sands washing cyclone+ Haiwang linear dewatering screen, wash sands and recover fine sands, which is of less space occupation and few civil engineering.

Application Scope: Weathered sand, natural sand, topsoil, river pebbles, some mechanism sand and the others.