FZ Series Valve
Product Overview
Patented Technology
With many kinds of structure design such as pneumatic and manual. The starting can save more labor, with light and flexible operation. The advantages also include compact structure, good valve rigidity, reliable sealing, smooth channel, small flow resistance and long service life.

The sealing rubber ring is specially designed for slurry operating conditions. The two matching sealing rubber rings are assembled into the valve cavity. When the valve is closed, the rubber ring compresses the gate to form a seal; when the valve is opened, the two rubber rings are pressed against each other to form a seal, providing a bubble level seal.

In the process of valve opening and closing, a gap is formed between the contact surfaces of the rubber rings, so that the medium blocking the valve in the rubber ring is removed, and discharged from the sewage outlet to the outside. When the gate is completely closed, the sealing surface of the rubber ring is in full contact with the gate, and the rubber ring structure provides the auxiliary sealing function again. The unique ring design allows the valve to provide a reliable seal when closed or opened, avoiding contact between metal parts and the liquid slurry.


• The sealant ring adopts one-piece design and the built-in reinforced supporting steel structure provides auxiliary pressure to prevent overpressure deformation of the ring and ensure better sealing; 

• The bi-directional full-pass runoff can decrease pressure drop and reduce wearing. No direct contact between metal parts and slurry direct contact makes good corrosion resistance and prolong service life; 

• No valve seat chamber, no gate plate or gate rod packing, 100% bubble level sealing, to avoid packing leakage or solid particle accumulation blocking the valve; 

• Convenient installation and strong adaptability, which can be installed on a variety of pipelines; 


It is applied to control the delivery of two-phase flow media for solid-liquid mixing in mining, electric power, environmental protection, alumina, phosphorus and papermaking industries.


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