Rubber Lined Wear Resistant Pipeline
Product Overview
Patented Technology
Rubber-lined wear-resistant pipeline has the dual advantages of steel pipe and rubber material. The outer steel pipe has extremely high toughness and impact resistance. The inner HELICON wear-resistant rubber plate is formed in one body, with smooth surface, strong wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Rubber-lined wear-resistant pipeline is a kind of pipeline with steel or hard structure as pipeline skeleton and HELICON rubber with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance as liner. It adopts high performance adhesive through special process and has dual advantages of steel and rubber materials. With the physical and chemical properties of rubber, the wear and corrosion of pipeline delivered medium to the external structure are reduced, which greatly prolongs the service life of pipeline and reduces the maintenance cost of users.


• Excellent structure: high bond strength of rubber and metal, combine the characteristics of metal and rubber to form a rigid and flexible composite pipeline, with the common advantages of steel pipe and wear-resistant rubber; 

• Low engineering cost: the rubber elastomer with low density and light weight has no creep and is easy to transport, install and maintain; 

• Energy-saving: the good lubricity and small loss of operating resistance can save operating costs; 

• Stable performance: the pipeline connection with sealing function is pressure safe and reliable, suitable for long-distance high-pressure transportation. 


It can be used to transport abrasive slurry in mining, coal, metallurgy, environmental protection, construction, petroleum and other industries.


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