Polyurethane Wear Resistant Pipeline
Product Overview
Patented Technology
Wear-resistant polyurethane pipeline is of integrated design with smooth surface, good pressure resistance, light weight and easy to disassemble and assemble; the use of low-temperature prepolymerization and high-temperature extraction process can achieve personalized design of product formula. The product molding has good adaptability and economic efficiency.

The polyurethane wear-resistant pipeline developed and produced by Haiwang Company is a kind of pipeline with steel or hard structure as pipeline skeleton outside and polyurethane with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance as liner. It adopts high performance adhesive through special process and has dual advantages of steel pipe and rubber material.


• Resistance to sliding and impact wearing. The internal structure of polyurethane of macromolecular chain makes the inner lining of pipeline stiff and soft, and meets the demand of wear resistance to the maximum extent; 

• The pipe wall is bright and lubricated with low friction coefficient, small operation resistance and anti-scaling, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of material transportation, and avoid the scaling & blocking accident occurring in the long-term operation; 

• Good at aging resistance, oil resistance and drug resistance. The lined polyurethane elastomer is a kind of strong polar polymer material, which has better resistance to some non-polar oils and other weak polar chemicals. 


It can be used to make cyclone, screen plate, screen mesh, rubber roller, elastic coupling, buffer spring and other products. The products can be widely used in mining, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries at home and abroad.


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