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Patented Technology
Haiwang FX series hydrocyclones have been widely used in grinding classification, concentration, de-watering, desliming, ultrafine classification and other processes of dozens of non-metal mining such as quartz, feldspar, diatomite, kaolin clay, bentonite, potassium salt, sodium salt, graphite, and fluorite. It operates in more than 1,000 mines across the country and exports to more than 40 countries and regions including Australia and Russia.

According to the characteristics of small hardness, light density, fine particle size and more mud content of non-metal ores, Haiwang has developed and produced a series of cyclones for non-metal mine classification, which have the characteristics of high classifying efficiency and accurate separation particle size meanwhile  protecting the target mineral product properties of non-metal mine.


• The minimum diameter of cyclone is 10 mm, and the lower limit of separation particle size is 2μm; 

• New structure, small diameter, small cone angle design with high classifying efficiency and accuracy; 

• Customized products with better adaptability. Select different advanced structure according to different processes and operating conditions. 

• Adopting special polyurethane with integrated molding. The smooth surface is conducive to the stability of internal flow field. Wear resistance and no pollution to the treated materials. 


Non-metal cyclones are mainly used for grinding classification, separation, concentration and de-watering of non-metallic minerals such as kaolin clay, bentonite and feldspar. In addition, non-metal cyclones are also suitable for classification of new materials such as photovoltaic materials and wear-resistant materials.


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