FG Series Pinch Valve
Product Overview
Patented Technology
Bubble level sealing with full runoff, modular design structure and stable performance. No metal parts are in direct contact with the slurry thus prevent corrosion and contaminating on the slurry. It is widely used in operating condition with corrosive slurry and serious wearing.

Pinch valve uses pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic driving mode to squeeze the casing, so as to achieve the function of ON/OFF and regulation. In the open position, the valve forms a channel without fluid resistance, making it become part of the pipeline. In the closed position, the two compression plates tighten the hose in the central position.

The modular design of FG series valves has three main parts: elastic hose, valve body and actuator. The valve sleeve is the only part in contact with the tube through the medium, which plays a role in corrosion resistance, wear resistance and bearing pressure.


• 100% bubble level sealing ensures absolutely zero leakage downstream. 

• Bi-directional full-pass runoff, decreasing pressure drop, reducing wearing and, prolonging service life. 

• Valve sleeve center line closed with linear control curve. 

• No metal parts are in direct contact with the slurry to prevent metal corrosion and prolong service life. 

• The rubber tube structure is designed in a modular way, which is convenient for the user to change by themselves. 


It is applied to the control on transportation of slurry with acid-base corrosion in electric power and environmental protection industry.


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