Waste Water Cyclone
Product Overview
Patented Technology
The pressure from zero discharge of power plant wastewater is increasing, and the cost of flocculation clarification is too high. Under this kind of situation, the efficient wastewater cyclone developed by Haiwang uses a variety of patented technologies and advanced wear-resistant materials, which has the characteristics of fine classifying particle size, good concentration effect and long equipment life.

      A large amount of wastewater will be produced in the desulfurization process of power plants, and the solid content in the wastewater is 3-7%. Through the concentration treatment of Haiwang wastewater cyclone, the underflow concentration reaches 10 ~ 15% and the overflow concentration is 0.5 ~ 2%, which can meet the requirements of wastewater treatment system and reduce the energy consumption of the system.


• The advanced short-circuit flow directional suppression technology is adopted to improve the stability of wastewater slurry feeding, reduce the overflow short-circuit flow loss and improve the underflow yield. 

• The advanced multi-cone nonlinear centrifugal classifying technology is used to effectively improve the centrifugal intensity of the flow field inside cyclone and optimize the concentration classifying effect; 

• A variety of high-quality wear-resistant material combinations are available to be seleteed and effectively improve the operating life of cyclone. 


It is mainly used for the concentration treatment of desulfurization wastewater.


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