Rubber Composite Wear Resistant Flexible Pipe
Product Overview
Patented Technology
Rubber composite flexible pipe has good stretching and bending performance, high flexibility in the process of on-site construction and installation, thus reduce the difficulty of construction; the connection mode of rubber composite flexible pipe include fixed flange, rotating flange, clamp or customized connection mode from the site, which can meet the connection needs of different sites.

Rubber composite flexible pipe is composed of rubber, steel wire skeleton, nylon, polyester fiber and other non-metal reinforced layers through special technology. The innermost layer is HELICON rubber wear-resistant layer, which is made of high-quality natural rubber emulsion treated with nano-formula and produced by liquid phase process, and can resist the abrasion of slurry.


• Strong winding performance and impact resistance; 

• Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance; 

• High resistance to static pressure and tensile strength; 

• Anti-aging and energy saving, easy to install. 


It can be used to transport abrasive slurry in metal, non-metal mining, coal mining, and metallurgical as well as environmental protection industries.

It can be used in the construction site with complex pipeline layout to reduce the number of elbows used.


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